Environmental Committee: Our Local Environment

Members of the Environmental Committee Actively Support and Maintain
Many of Our Unique Amenities in Cypress Landing

 The Committee Encourages Community Participation in Environmental Initiatives
with Fun Events and Educational Programs throughout the Year.
Hosted by the Cultural and Education Committee and located at the Butterfly Habitat, 
Art in the Garden is an annual "Call to artists" to paint this beautiful Cypress Landing venue.
Our springtime plant swap is a great way to share plantings
and garden knowledge within the Cypress Landing community
The Butterfly Habitat is a beautiful location to host your next Outdoor Social Event.
If you are interested in hosting an Event at the Butterfly Habitat,
please contact: Pat Piacente @ ppiacente53@gmail.com.
Passing on educational information from the NC Cooperative Extension service 
is part of our commitment to helping the Cypress Landing environment
Tips on Pruning, Lawn Grass, Clay Soil, 
Fire Ants, Moles/Voles, Tree Care & More.
 Incorporating NC Coastal Native
Plants Into Your Landscape
We are committed to environmental best practices
that support the proliferation of native pollinators. 
Please come and join us in our efforts!
Composting at the Butterfly Habitat and Recycling Aluminum Cans at the Marina
are encouraged in the Cypress Landing community.
The Nature Trail is a Mile Long Gentle Hike
in Our Forest at Cypress Landing
with Many Native Plant Species Identified by Signage
Shrubs, trees, flowers, and food crops beautify our environment and offer sustenance. 
Making our gardens pollinator friendly is more important than you may think. 
Please Click on our Pollinator Page Below to Learn More.
Learn How Friendly Your Yard is to Pollinators,
Do a Habitat Assessment
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