Local & Regional Activities

  • The Local and Regional Affairs Committee (LRAC) is a standing committee of the HOA Board charged with discovering and tracking local and regional projects and activities which may impact Cypress Landing. 
  • The purpose of this page is to provide current and accurate information on those activities to Cypress Landing residents.
  • Questions or concerns about these activities can be emailed to:  LRAC@CypressLanding.com
Current Projects/Activities Impacting Cypress Landing
As of 8/11/22
  HWY 17 Business road closure and RR bridge replacement
  Impact: Hwy 17 Business closed between Chocowinity and Washington.  Bypass is US 17.
  Current Timing:  From Nov 2021 to at least spring 2023.
  Updates/progress reports: 
July 30, 2022, Chocowinity Bridge Construction (video, Steve Smith)
June 27, 2022, Chocowinity Bridge Update (Steve Smith, videographer)
  Title:  Natural Gas Lines underground
  Impact: community-wide installation of gas lines near roads
  Current Timing:  Reportedly, engineering studies complete, no budget figures due to unstable economy
  Updates/progress reports: LRAC continue to monitor; no future "survey" expected of  who/how many residents might switch to natural gas; construction might use the "boring method" to minimize effects; no expected direct cost to potential future customers.
  Title: Grimesland RR bridge closure/repairs HWY 33
  Impact: CL Residents traveling HWY 33 toward Greenville will be forced to detour during demo/construction of bridge
  Current Timing:  pre-construction utilities work currently underway; construction MAY begin by August 2022 (yes, this year) with similar effects to HWY 17 RR bridge between Choco and Washington
  Updates/progress reports: LRAC continue to monitor pre-construction phase; maintain local NCDOT contacts; continue to inform CL community.
  Title: Chocowinity HWY 33 bridge/road widening, repair/replacement (between Old Blounts Creek Road and Gray Road)
  Impact: slight/minimized construction delays possible; NO DETOUR planned
  Current Timing:  construction bids expected to be "let" in 2023-24; some pre-construction work and land acquisition has occurred; Town of Choco Utilities in early planning stage.
  Updates/progress reports: LRAC continuing to develop local NCDOT contact info; drone videos "before and during" (similar to HWY 17 project) expected.
  Title: 4-lane Widening of HWY 17 Between Washington and Williamston.
  Impact: Traffic NOT expected to be detoured; minor delays possible; improve safety and traffic flow.
  Current Timing:  Construction may begin as early as July 2022 and last until July 2026; see NCDOT TIP (Transportation Information Program)
  Updates/progress reports: Utilities work is already underway