Local & Regional Activities

  • The Local and Regional Affairs Committee (LRAC) is a standing committee of the HOA Board charged with discovering and tracking local and regional projects and activities that may impact Cypress Landing. 
  • The purpose of this page is to provide current and accurate information on those activities to Cypress Landing residents.
  • Questions or concerns about these activities can be emailed to:  LRAC@CypressLanding.com
Current Projects/Activities Impacting Cypress Landing
As of 1/24/23
  HWY 17 Business road closure and RR bridge replacement
  Impact: Hwy 17 Business closed between Chocowinity and Washington.  The bypass is US 17.
  Current Timing:  From Nov 2021 to at least spring 2023.
  Updates/progress reports: 
Jan. 24, 2023Chcowinity Washington Bridge update (Steve Smith, videographer)
Sept 26, 2022, Chocowinity Washington bridge construction (Steve Smith, videographer)
July 30, 2022, Chocowinity Bridge Construction (video, Steve Smith)
June 27, 2022, Chocowinity Bridge Update (Steve Smith, videographer)
  Title:  Natural Gas Lines underground
  Impact: community-wide installation of gas lines near roads
  Current Timing:  Reportedly, engineering studies are complete, no budget figures due to the unstable economy
  Updates/progress reports: LRAC continues to monitor; no future "survey" expected of who/how many residents might switch to natural gas; construction might use the "boring method" to minimize effects; no expected direct cost to potential future customers.
  Title: Grimesland RR bridge closure/repairs HWY 33
  Impact: Traveling Hwy 33 to and from Greenville MAY BE affected from time to time with identified detours/ due to RR Bridge construction; two-lane traffic "most of the time"
  Current Timing: Project will begin in mid-December 2022 and is contracted to end in April 2024.
  Updates/progress reportsLRAC Continues to maintain contact with NCDOT
  Title: Chocowinity HWY 33 bridge/road widening, repair/replacement (between Old Blounts Creek Road and Gray Road)
  Impact: slight/minimized construction delays possible; NO DETOUR planned
  Current Timing:  construction bids are expected to be "let" in 2023-24; some pre-construction work and land acquisition have occurred; the Town of Choco Utilities in the early planning stage.
  Updates/progress reports: LRAC continuing to develop local NCDOT contact info; drone videos "before and during" (similar to HWY 17 project) are expected.
  Title: 4-lane Widening of HWY 17 Between Washington and Williamston.
  Impact: Traffic NOT expected to be detoured; minor delays possible; improve safety and traffic flow.
  Current Timing: Already under construction, may last until July 2026
  Updates/progress reports: Updates/progress reports: LRAC continues to monitor and maintain contact with NCDOT
  Title: Bus HWY 17 Tar/Pamlico River Draw Bridge Repairs
  Impact: Disrupted (but accessible) traffic to businesses on Bus. HWY 17 between Pamlico River and RR Bridge Construction
  Current Timing: Completion of repairs not later than Spring 2023 (same as for RR Construction)
  Updates/progress reports: Traffic (one way each way) is allowed across the bridge to reach businesses on 17 Business.