Fitness Center

The Fitness Center
A Clean, Convenient and Well Equipped Facility to help you reach your exercise and fitness goals.
Hours: 5AM to 11PM.  Please respect these hours.  Alarms are set outside of these hours and sheriff will be called.
Orientation:  New users are asked to participate in a Fitness Center Orientation.  You can arrange for an orientation by calling the HOA office.  Your Fitness Center access Door Code will be given to you at the orientation.
Rules:  Fitness Center rules are posted in the lobby area.
Getting Started: If you are new to the gym, you may want to take advantage of the short video introductions available for equipment currently installed in the Fitness Center.  These are very basic 1-2 minute introductions to most pieces of equipment to help you get started confidently and safely.  Here are the links:
The Fitness Committee has management responsibility for the Fitness Center.  The Fitness Pool falls under the Pool Committee.