VOTE--Board Terms by-law amendment

CLMHOA by-laws amendment vote.
During the February 2019 HOA Board meeting, the HOA Board of Directors passed a resolution to move forward with changing the length of terms for the HOA Board positions from the current two years to three years.  To make that happen, the proposed By-law amendment must go before the Residents of Cypress Landing and be approved by 67% of the membership, which would require 482 affirmative votes.
Our By-laws state in Article 1, Section 1; ….The membership of the Association shall consist of all of the owners of such numbered lots. Each owner shall be entitled to one vote for each lot owned by him, but there shall be only one vote allowed per Lot…
We are using electronic voting to conduct this vote.  Each Cypress Landing Lot is eligible to cast one vote.  That vote can be cast by logging onto this website ( with the user name and password associated with the primary account/email for your lot.    You will then have access to the amendment voting pages.  If you are logged into the website, but refused access to the voting page, you are most likely not using the primary login for your property.  Alternatively, you may stop at the HOA office and get a paper consent form.
If you own more than one lot, you must login separately and enter your unique user name and password for each lot.
Your vote is critical.  Lots which do not vote are counted as "NO" votes.  We need your "YES" votes for this amendment to pass.
We welcome our membership to email any questions you may have regarding this proposed amendment. Please send your questions to our Community Association Manager, Tomi Moody at
Steve Neckyfarow, President
Cypress Landing HOA Board of Directors